Shaun Eck

Managing Partner.

Shaun is Managing Partner and co-founder of Ceres Wealth. He has worked as an advisor for some of the top wealth management firms in the country including Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and LPL Financial.

Prior to becoming a wealth advisor, he was a managing member of a consulting firm focused on raising debt and equity for the acquisition and development of real estate. Among Shaun’s clientele were local and national real estate developers, a foreign oil company, and alumni of The National Football League.

In his career Shaun has been an agent of change and his time as a wealth advisor has followed suit. A firm believer in the danger of the phrase “we’ve always done it this way,” he became disenchanted with the commoditization of retail wealth management. Each client’s situation is unique to them, a multiple-choice questionnaire should not be what differentiates strategy.

Shaun has a unique perspective that allows him to help clients with complex financial situations manage their wealth and mitigate risk, while driving results through a decision-making hierarchy, responsible use of leverage, and an effective investment process. Shaun’s passion is solving problems and delivering solutions for each individual client to help them live out their vision of their best life.