Zack Butler

Managing Partner.

Zack is Managing Partner and co-founder of Ceres Wealth. He has worked as an advisor for over eighteen years as a partner with Edward Jones and vice president at Merrill Lynch. Reducing stress and helping clients achieve financial success is the reason Zack got into the financial industry in 2001. He believes that reducing stress for his clients empowers them to live more engaging lives. To live life to its fullest.

Zack is naturally analytical which makes him well suited to portfolio and investment management. His career in the financial services industry melds his degree and experience teaching, with a natural aptitude for numbers and organization. He is motivated by the belief that he can dramatically and materially improve the lives of his clients, and the greater community, by removing financial concerns and empowering them to be better world citizens.

Prior to his 9 years with Merrill Lynch in Deer Park, IL Zack started his career spending 9 years in Delavan, WI with Edward Jones. He began working for Edward Jones, in a town where he knew no one, by knocking on every door in town to introduce himself. He then opened an office and built his early clientele with people with whom he’d met and had great conversations. To this day, those months of engaging with his community face to face have been the most valuable in his career. Many of his current clients go back eighteen years to that first door knock.